CHAPTERS: An Exhibition about CHANGE
by Sandy Young

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"Chapters" Exhibition, Sonoma, CA
“Chapters” as Markers of Change.
Life is change. It’s during the times of greatest change that we actually notice change –moving from one “chapter” to the next.

I try to express not only the continuum of “chapters” but also capture that time of change between the chapters –the transition, the moments in transformation. –Sandy

| “Chapters” features Altered Books, Glass and Pages Made of Porcelain |

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Video of Sandy Young's Art Studio by Artspan, San Francisco.

Virtual Open Studio Tour by ARTSPAN

Check out this video created by ARTSPAN that features my art and studio. As part of ARTSPAN's VAST Artist series, I am featured along with my artwork and studio. In this 2 minute video I explain the idea behind some of my artwork and you'll also get a peek at my Sonoma studio.