“Chapters” Solo Show in Sonoma

SANDY YOUNG Presenting New Work about CHANGE Sept. 28 – Oct. 7 ALLEY GALLERY, Sonoma Plaza Sonoma, CA “Chapters” as Markers of Change Life is change. It’s during the times of greatest change that we actually notice change –moving from one “chapter” to the next. I try to express not only the continuum of “chapters” […]
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Galleries & Shows

  ON-GOING: Healdsburg Center for the Arts 334 Center St., Healdsburg, CA Website Eminent Design Representation in Rancho Mirage, CA Website SHOWS: SEPT. 28 – OCT. 7, 2023 “Chapters” – Sandy Young, Solo Show Alley Gallery Off the Square in Sonoma, CA Website DEC 1 – 3, 2023 Winter Art Market –Artisan Group Show Sandy […]
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Sandy Young art at HCA

Artists’ Showcase in Healdsburg, CA

Sandy’s work is part of the Artists’ Showcase at Healdsburg Center for the Arts. Her artwork “For the Children” was chosen for prominent display as the title piece to the show at the entrance of the gallery. Sandy has several other mixed media and glass artworks in the show along with the work of a […]
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Sandy Young at Healdsburg Center for the Arts

Sandy Young is now one of the Healdsburg Center for the Arts “Gallery Artists”. Her work will be shown on an ongoing basis at the downtown Healdsburg gallery. Alongside Sandy’s artwork is the work of other notable contemporary Sonoma County Artists. The center hosts rotating theme shows every 4-6 weeks for invited artists, while gallery […]
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Art by Sandy Young

New Chapter Series Artwork in Progress

I am working on a new series of art –dimensional book-like forms made of paper, porcelain and glass. This “Chapters” series of art explores concepts of change and time passage. The book is an analogy for the chapters of one’s life. Just as experiences and memories change over time, the form of these “books”, with […]
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